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The Consultancy for You!

Be the best You can be

We are the leading experts in providing the best Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development (OD) knowledge and experience that enables clients to grow through their most important asset… their people!

We deliver nothing but the best possible service to our clients, ask any of them and they will tell you.

You are different

Established in 2009, You HR consultancy Ltd. are a vibrant and down to earth fun team of specialists, who believe that when it comes to business it’s all about the people.

We specialise in making life easier for our Public sector, Not for Profit (NfP) and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) clients. We work within these sectors because want to make a positive difference and give back to communities in whatever way we can, because we care.

We recognise that no two businesses or no two people are the same, you cannot have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to HR, we are principled in our unique and agile way of working to tailor make our proactive services to work best for each client, and compliance is never compromised.

Our clients value the success of our work, they see the results for themselves through their workplace positively flourishing and their employees performing at their optimal best.

Our Vision

To be the leading HR and OD Consultancy within Oxfordshire and beyond, providing professional and progressive best practice people management solutions for our clients and giving back to our community at every opportunity.

How can we help You?

We can give you time back to focus on your business.

We empower business leaders to focus on their business, taking away unnecessary pressures and pains by proactively and seamlessly dealing with their people matters. We can be an extended resource to deliver what needs to be done and/or work alongside a client’s resource developing and advancing sustainable in-house HR and OD practice. Our passion to achieve client success is proven in all we do it really is about You… we care as much as you do!

We simply make work life easier for you and your people.

Our Tree of People Growth

Our ‘Tree of People Growth’ shows how our four service lines interconnect, with each leaf representing our products that empower people to develop and ultimately achieve organisational growth for any business.

We drive sustainable levels of HR evolution, laying good foundations for any business, creating stability and agility to deal with any people matters.

The growth we accomplish across our service levels, is created through a common set of outcomes that we achieve for our clients.

Our Values

We take time to proactively listen to our clients needs and wants

We demonstrate that we understand and create best practise solutions

We take tailor made action personalised for each client’s business and track results

We make our clients life easier and achieve the right results that are of value

Show we are proactively listening by professionally and flexibly reflecting what needs to be achieved

Demonstrate our passion and ownership to deliver nothing but the best possible service and client experience

Work as a trusted, honest, supportive, committed and collaboratively motivated team

Demonstrate our values, behaviours and belief that ‘it’s all about the people’.

Our Behaviours

Sustainable outcomes we can achieve for You

The visual below highlights the sustainable outcomes we achieve for our clients from the products and services that we deliver, as shown on our Tree of People Growth. Our outcome success is driven by our passion to be of purpose and through living our values and behaviours in all that we do.

What’s your HR problem?

I have no HR support and need some expertise

I don’t have time or capacity to deal with HR

I’m struggling with the impact of COVID-19

I don’t see what value HR will bring to my business

After all you have managed this far, why would you need to pay for HR support now?

Solving your business HR problems

Most workplace disputes arise due to:

Lack of good HR governance / compliance in place

Ineffective employee and employer communication / engagement

Clashes in personalities, or poor performance /conduct not being proactively addressed.

On average UK employers face a cost of at least £8,500 for any Employment Tribunal (ET) claim brought against them from unhappy employees, according to the British Chamber of Commerce (2018). The number of ET’s is on the rise, caused predominately by negligence on behalf of the employer.

ET claims continue to commonly stem from:

Unfair Dismissal (often relating to poor handling of staffing issues, not following due process) / failure to follow consultation process

Unresolved Grievances / Disputes


Breach of Contract

According to the latest information issued by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in July 2020, the main reason employees leave are due to:

Badly managed recruitment that sets the wrong expectations about a role

Inadequate or non-existent induction

Poor relationship with their line manager

Unresolved or ignored issues being raised

Ask yourself:

What risks are you not addressing?

What problems keep you awake at night?

Where might your current practice require review?

Are you 100% risk free of any people issues?

Is your business coping with COVID-19?

Do you think you don’t need support because you’re coping on your own?

Are you taking care and proactively dealing with employee matters yourself?

Have you simply put someone in charge to ‘look after’ your people problems?

In our experience, it takes almost 3 times as much resource, cost and time to resolve people problems, especially compared to proactively preventing or dealing with the issue when it first arises.

If you don’t like dealing with HR, don’t have the time, or aren’t fully comfortable in addressing issues, don’t worry, we’ll deal with them for you!

It’s not always easy, as a leader, to recognise a situation in your organisation through the lens of every business function, or be able to do everything yourself. For example; you get an accountant to do your tax return, or a plumber to fix your broken toilet. Whilst you might know what to do you leave the experts to do a professional job for you. So why is HR any different?

What would you do if your employee asks to work flexibly?

Leading HR specialists in providing Everyday HR Support services to clients of all sizes, from 1 500 employees

Able to create personalised and meaningful handbooks from over 50 that we have tailor made for clients

Employment contract experts, having created over 80 different types of contracts for clients

Proud to be 100% tribunal free for us and for our clients on more than 40 complex investigations undertaken

Incredibly creative in recruitment and selection having successfully filled more than 1,000 jobs with high retention rates

Accredited mediators with 100% success rate in all mediation and facilitated conversations held

Everyday HR Support

Client Case Study:

Over the last 7 years we have supported a small Public Sector organisation to achieve their desired growth… We originally provided all their HR and over time have developed their own in-house HR resource that we now work alongside.

We have worked with them on a journey of considerable growth; ensuring they have the right HR infrastructure in place, successfully recruited the right people to the right roles, implemented HR systems, policies and processes, ensured they are compliant at all times (including contracts of employment and the management of non-employed resources).

We have measured a 15% Return on Investment beyond the cost of our services and saved them an abundance of time and potential expense through doing HR right and doing it well. Our client recognises the pitfalls we have avoided that can often drain time and become a great strain on any business when employment matters go wrong.

Answer: If your employee asks to work flexibly - Seek expert HR advice or have a robust policy and procedure for your business to respond to the ‘right to request’

Why struggle to juggle your HR when we can deal with it for you?

Whether you engage our services as a ‘Retained’ client or simply access our ‘Pay As You Go’ Service to get support for discrete pieces of work… We can provide advice and guidance and deliver results on the complete spectrum of day to day HR matters that commonly arise in businesses.

Need to fill a job and want to ensure you find the right person?

We deliver refreshingly innovative recruitment and selection solutions and achieve the right results on every occasion through ensuring your campaign excels the benefits of your business, and the opportunity attracts the right caliber of candidate. It’s the only time we like to ensure our clients have a tough decision to make… which candidate out of a great pool do they select!

We deal with the difficult and complex right and well. Whether problems with performance, conduct, grievances, or other issues arising, we can proactively manage the situation alongside you, guaranteeing any difficult conversation to be had, investigation to be undertaken, is resolved amicably and astutely. We are proud of our unblemished track record of effectively managing many situations to achieve the right results and prevented severe consequences.

We can give you as much support as you need, leaving you to concentrate on your business

Who would your employees say your leadership or management style is most like?

a) Marcus Rashford

b) Jacinda Ardern

c) The Hulk

d) Boris Johnson

People Development & Business Optimisation

Are you someone who thinks “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?

Business Growth, Change & Development

Did you know?

What is the wellbeing culture like in your workplace?

a) Google

b) Uber

c) John Lewis Partnership

d) NHS

Workplace Wellbeing

Did you know?

Our team offer extensive, successful backgrounds across public and private sectors in a variety of businesses. Through continuing personal professional development as a core objective, they ensure that their knowledge, experience and skills advance their thinking and maintain delivering best in class for clients.

Meet our Consultancy Corporate Team

You HR Consultancy Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Jonna Mundy, Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development (OD) expert. She wanted to demonstrate the value of having a “people” centric approach at the centre of any business to achieve business growth. Jonna is a longstanding Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD) with over 25 years’ experience in HR and OD. With a relentless passion to deliver high standards for clients, she motivates businesses and individuals to realise their full potential. With the brand name “You” and strapline, “It’s all about the people”, they harness a strong belief and culture for the team to give back to the community and are underpinned by the Consultancy’s values and behaviours engrained in how the practice operates.


Gemma is the clinch pin of the Consultancy’s practice. From advancing our Standard Operating Procedures, managing onboarding new clients and nurturing clients’ to experience a positive journey with us, through to recruiting the right resources into the right roles. With a background of working as a Personal Assistant to 10 lawyers she seamlessly sets a well governed structure for our office, ensuring the Consultancy operates efficiently and effectively. She leads the way in our annual plans, corporate events and support to our charity partner.


The Consultancy’s very own tech whiz. Kyle and technology go hand in hand. His incredible knowledge and skills ensures the Consultancy’s systems and information technology are safe and secure. His ability to produce state of the art ways of working is endless. Kyle demonstrates our passion to be of purpose and as a valued member of the team, he works hard to advance the capability of our website, online Academy and more!


Ian has over 36 years experience of working in the public sector, specialising in community and mental health. He brings a wealth of management and leadership knowledge to the Consultancy from years of working at Director level. Ian leads the way driving the Consultancy’s strategic development and evolving legacy. Ian is a qualified ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) coach. He brings a mature understanding and professionalism to the team and in managing relationships with clients and stakeholders.


Coming fresh into the world of HR, Ali brings many years of experience working in a variety of administrative roles. Resourceful and creative in her work, Ali brings a wealth of knowledge regarding social media management which she ignites when developing the Consultancy’s current news and showcasing our products and services. Ali plays a pivotal role in assisting the development of our business plans, with a focus on marketing and sales.


Our extended team of more than 30 Associates enables You HR Consultancy to boast a wide range of blended experience across all service lines, sectors and business levels. All Associates have strong personal and professional credibility and deliver across our Retained or Pay As You Go client activity.

We offer an exciting blend of skills, knowledge, accreditations and experience which seamlessly blend together to deliver exceptional work that is of value and purpose for our clients.

Meet our Client Delivery Team

With over 19 years of senior HR experience working for one of the UK’s top retailers, Kairan has gained an exceptional level of people management acumen in a commercial setting. A career-focused and committed member of the CIPD, Kairan drives the highest standards of work from our Client Delivery Team. With an incredibly organised and resilient approach, she sees the possibilities in everything, ensuring nothing but the right results for our clients.


Starting her journey with You HR in 2018, as a CIPD professional in HR Management. Emma has swiftly progressed her career with us. She thrives on working in a fast-paced environment and brings innovative perspectives on our delivery across client portfolios. With a Law degree and her experience of working in a range of HR roles and sectors, Emma relishes in her interest, ensuring the Consultancy has a grip and control of employment legislation and our clients meet their legal obligations as dutiful employers.


Holly spent the first 2 years of her career working in recruitment in the NHS. Her drive and determination to succeed has shone through in the challenges she has taken on in completing her CIPD in HR Management and becoming our very own HR generalist prodigy as the Consultancy’s first Apprentice. Bringing a fresh approach, skills and experience to the team and oodles of creative flare, Holly is leading on the Consultancy’s marketing and advancing the design and functionality of our Academy.


Caroline joined the You HR team in the summer of 2019 following the first 3 years of her HR career at the UK Atomic Energy Authority in generalist HR roles. Following the completion of her CIPD HR Management qualification, Caroline relishes in listening to our clients needs and delivering the best possible solutions. She has the drive and heart to support our clients to develop across all four areas of our Tree of People Growth, aiming to keep everyone smiling while doing so.


Tina demonstrates the Consultancy’s diverse practice of flexibility, working part-time and remotely! As an NLP Coach and a PRINCE2 Practitioner she brings an abundance of senior HR experience across the public and private sectors. Tina’s passion for improving services and instilling best practice, particularly around change management, equality and inclusivity is of great benefit as she proactively changes the perception of HR transactional functions to be transformational, customer focussed and a genuine value add to clients.


Starting with You HR in December 2015 Buddy has been the inspiration in keeping us all in check. Always available for our walk and talk meetings where he leads the way by example. There is never a dull moment when he’s is around. His boundless energy, motivation and willingness to get involved in every aspect of You HR shines through every day and night (although he does love a nap now and again!) Never shy in front of the camera, always on the look out for new opportunities to drive us forward. Buddy Dog you are our ‘best in breed’.


The People we work with

“The most engaging and dynamic Human Resources team you will have the pleasure of working with. The CCG has been utilising the human resources and organisational development support of You HR Consultancy since April 2012. During that time they have provided a comprehensive general and specialist HR service to the organisation. Jonna Mundy and her team have been ever present in helping the Governing Body, Executive, managers and wider staff to successfully transform and commission healthcare.”

NHS Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group (GWCCG) works collaboratively with Royal Surrey Community Hospital and in partnership with Surrey Downs and North West Surrey CCGs. Responsible for the commissioning of hospital and community health services, GWCCG serves a population of more than 200,000 people. The CCG has more than 100 employees and is also the host employer for the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System Programme.

Vicky Stobbart,

Integrated Care Partnership & Clinical Integration Director

“You HR Consultancy have consistently finessed tailor made solutions for us provided by very capable and charming individuals. When we have approached them for help with our organisational development, investigatory or coaching needs, they always deliver! A great company to do business with.”

RCN is the world’s largest professional association and union for Nursing with more than 435,000 members. Established in 1916, the preservation of promoting the vital importance of nursing is at the heart of the organisation and You HR have played a key role in supporting the organisation for the last 10 years.

Patricia Marquis, Director of Nursing (England)

B4 are well-known in Oxfordshire for their excellent B2B network and large scale events such as Business in Oxford (BiO). B4 works hard to provide an arena for local businesses to make connections, grow and develop. Always seeing the true value of people, B4 have been an Excellence level Retained client of You HR Consultancy for a number of years.

“Being a family business, we lacked a coherent structure in many areas of the business, so we thought it was time we started to develop this and getting an HR organisation on board to help us take the burden of the HR function was critical. We have exciting plans to grow B4 and central to this is the role being played by You HR who are brilliant methodical, professional and great fun to deal with. It’s by far one of the best partnerships we’ve ever formed and we are delighted to be working with Jonna and her excellent team!”

Richard Rosser,Chief Executive

“Incredibly personable team, enthusiastic and regularly touching base as to whether our business needs are being met. There is a good understanding of the way we work including cultures.”

London’s fire and rescue service is the busiest in the country and one of the largest firefighting and rescue organisations in the world. Following a tendered procurement process, the Brigade engaged You HR to review and streamline a number of HR processes and develop a more explicit customer focussed service alongside creating an HR Service Centre model.

Kush Saini, People Services Implementation Manager

Inspired by the interaction of light and reflection, David Harber Ltd. use materials such as brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and stone to make every piece in their workshop using the exceptional breadth of knowledge and skill from their team. You’ll find David Harber Ltd.’s award-winning artworks gracing some of the most prestigious addresses across the world from public spaces to luxury developments, hotels to private gardens.

“Like most businesses grappling with the impact of COVID-19, David Harber Ltd. have proactively embraced the commercial adjustments that have needed to be made to ensure their business continuity, a prime example of the business impact is the loss this year of not being able to showcase our products at events such as the Chelsea Flower Show. We needed to review our structure and we wanted to ensure we followed a process that was fair and equitable for all. We commissioned the Pay As You Go services of You HR to assist us in managing the changes we needed to introduce. From the outset the YHR team have provided a wealth of proactive advice, guidance and expertise, working alongside us at every step of our change journey. The change process applied was seamless, thorough, and enabled sustainable results to be implemented”

Sophie Harber,Sales and Marketing Director

The People we work with



Reg. No. ZA042439

“We have a good working relationship with our HR Adviser and our HR management issues are made easier. YHRC provide us with HR expertise at a human level not just telling us what the rules are and what policies we need. YHRC advise on legal requirements and best approaches, business who aren’t large enough to employee a dedicated HR team would benefit from YHRC’s support and advice.”

Triaster are a SME client based very locally to us, the office next door in fact! Triaster support businesses to solve problems and offer software solutions. We’ve been working with Triaster for a number of years on a Retained HR package supporting them weekly with HR topics and people management guidance.

Michael Cousins,Managing Director

The @Worle centre houses a state of the art gym and sports facilities for the community of Weston-Super-Mare including support packages for individuals’ needing rehabilitation assistance. @Worle started their journey with us on a one off Pay As You Go (PAYG) project and have now progressed onto our Excellence Retained HR package.

“The You HR team are the biggest asset to help us. They are responsive, helpful and provide assurance on HR decisions we make. I would recommend them to any growing organisation that values their staff, wants to develop, as well as protect their own business. They solve your problems and get things done. The insurance your business needs!.”

James White,Board Member

“We don’t have an HR department. You HR delivers a great deal of reassurance that we are carrying out HR processes the correct way.”

G–SMATT Europe are a multi-award winning company based in Oxford but originating from Korea, who provide innovative media solutions through architectural media glass. G-SMATT Europe originally came on board through our ‘Pay As You Go’ offering where we supported on a one-off project and subsequently came on board as a Retained client.

Dr. Orhan Ertughrul,Managing Director

The Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership (BLEP) is a business-led ‘partnership of equals’ between local government and the private sector, building the conditions for sustainable economic growth in the county. Based in the beautiful Bucks county, the team of 6 commercially minded experts, drive to fruition an array of business support and activity, that provides local businesses with new age competitive advantage.

“We engaged the retained HR services of You HR on the cusp on transferring (TUPE) into our own organisational entity having been established as part of the local authority. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 have presented, You HR’s virtual way of working with us has enabled a wealth of quality HR activity to be progressed, from HR system implementation, HR advice and guidance, handbook implementation and more. They continue to support us and ensure we keep driving forward our people agenda and good management practice.”

Ian BarhamPartnership Manager

“You HR provide invaluable HR support and advice as well assisting us to progress positively along our corporate and individual journeys.”

HPi-CEproof are a local client that we support, on the Elite Retained HR package, HPi-CEproof have opted to buy additional PAYG time for face to face services on their more detailed projects but predominately work virtually. HPi-CEproof are a Notified Body that issue certificates on behalf of the EU Commission for products that need a CE mark in order to access the European market, they’re a small team of 7 who recently increased with the addition of 2 interns.

Jacquie MorganBusiness Manager

Community is where our heart is…

Our Charity Partner

Homeless Oxfordshire is the largest provider of supported temporary accommodation for homeless adults in the county. Each night they accommodate 220 people. But they are more than bricks and mortar. Through ten innovative projects, they provide the person-centred support people need to recover from homelessness for good. When someone becomes homeless, their whole life spirals out of control. But Homeless Oxfordshire is there to help them navigate through the chaos. From providing meals and accommodation, to